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Linda Frances Torres, serves as Angel Intuitive – clairsentient, clairvoyant, and claircognizant. Linda invites the Angels and Archangels to bring messages through the Angel mystical cards. She is also a Usui Reiki I practitioner, and Certified Silver Violet Flame Teacher.  Linda works with the Angels as well as the higher spiritual realms through her intuitive connection and love to God.

/Se habla Español/ Linda es Intuitiva de Angeles, ella invita a sus Angeles, recibe y escucha los mensajes utilizando las cartas de Angeles y Arcangeles. Lea la seccion en Servicios.

Since childhood she began communicating with the Angels and Archangels and received messages from loving and powerful Archangel Michael. As growing up in the Catholic Church, in both Mexican-American cultures, she would hear the Angels always singing and being filled with joy. On every September 29th, celebration of Archangels Michael and Gabriel and Raphael, the love and grace of these heavenly beings would be conveyed to her. The sacredness of those moments has been very mystical and uplifting and was a turning point in Linda’s spiritual life.

Since then she deciphers messages from Angels, and she believes that when we follow their guidance they can heal and comfort us in all areas of our life. Angels are always near us to protect and surround us with peace. Linda believes their job is to serve God by being near, whispering loving thoughts and giving us divine inspiration, love and happiness for our journey through life.  If we are believers or non-believers, that does not matter, because the Angels believe in us.

The Angels, Archangels, Saints and Spirit Guides all surround us and help us when we need them. Their divine manifestations are divinely presented to us with love, given we are all part of the same spiritual family.  I know that at this moment God is radiating to you many Angel blessings!  Linda F. Torres

Linda has worked in corporate and non-profit organizations as Executive Assistant, and as translator-interpreter in Mexico and the U.S.

After the death of her parents there were many dreams, visions and other angelic occurrences, where the Angels kept on sending Linda heartening messages, encouraging and guiding her to know that her soul purpose was to support others and help them experience the joy of connecting with the Angelic realm.

Linda has trained and studied with Rev. Jayne Howard Feldman, Intuitive and Spiritual Director, who has been communing with Angels for over 44 years, is Author of several books on Angels, and is also a worldwide Inspirational Speaker. Since 1997 Linda is a member of Rev. Jayne’s HA-HA (Human Angelus) group: — people who strive to shine for God in their earthly service — Jayne has been a wonderful teacher for Linda, a mentor and a loving earth angel friend. Linda has studied Light Dialogues Intuition with Beverly Martin, Professional Spiritual Coach and Certified NLP practitioner, who is a well known Intuitive Medium.

She has attended workshops with Doreen Virtue, PhD, Author and worldwide known for her connection with the Angelic and Ascended-Masters realm; also workshops with Brian L. Weiss, M.D., Author and Healer, Past Life Therapy; and with John Holland, Psychic Medium, Writer and Spiritual Teacher.

Linda is originally from Chicago, Illinois, and comes from an Intuitive lineage. She is Mexican-American, and lived in Mexico City for many years; bilingual-bicultural, fluent in English and Spanish, and now lives with her family in Beaverton, Oregon.

Angels want to support us with loving thoughts, showering us with Divine inspiration, love and happiness.

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