The Archangels are God’s Emissaries of Divine Light

These powerful beings of light are considered the most important messengers in the celestial hierarchy. The Archangels oversee our Guardian Angels. The Archangels and Angels are the most closest to mankind.

Archangels provide special support, they each have specialties and divine attributes as faith, hope, power, protection,  healing,  grace, mercy and compassion,  discernment.. thus providing peace, comfort,  balance, harmony, fulfillment, love and light.


Art by Clare Pelkey, csj

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a Light unto my path. Psalm 119:105

Archangels love to be called upon because serving you is to serve God. Archangels are strong, kind and loving, and they are ego-less. When you have a health need, you seek out a specialist, a healer. Look at the Archangels as your specialists and divine healers, assisting you with your needs. You can always ask for support to any of the Archangels, but you can ask and work with particular Archangels who can minister in a specific need. Just ask and they will come to your aid.

There are seven Archangels who are mentioned in the Book of Revelation. The Bible names four of the Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel. Ancient Jewish texts mention 15 Archangels.

The following are some of the Archangels with their specialties.  Archangels names end in ‘El’ which means “from God”

Michael  ‘He who is like God ‘ – Archangel of Protection, Love, and Power. Michael releases fear and dispels negativity. Heavenly warrior, who provides courage. Considered the most powerful of all the Archangels.

Gabriel   ‘Messenger of God‘ –  Brings good news, calms and gives confidence, also supports writers and teachers. Helps parents and teachers with children.

Raphael   ‘He who Heals‘ – In charge of healing, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Guards doctors and healers, and guards travelers.

Uriel   ‘God is Light‘ – Wisdom and philosophy, illuminates us with new ideas, connects with light of Divine Source.

Raguel  ‘Friend of God‘ – Brings Harmony and love to all relationships, gives clarity, heals misunderstandings.

Chamuel  ‘He who sees God‘ – Brings more love into our life, helps with anxiety, brings peace and warmth, and helps find lost objects as well as people.

Zadkiel   ‘Freedom of God‘ – Helps transmute lower energies to higher frequencies of light energy. Power of compassion, forgiveness and freedom. Purifies and brings divine violet light.  

Jophiel  ‘Beauty of God‘ – Heals chaotic situations, brings order and beauty and joy to our life, and organization to environments.

The purpose of the powerful Archangels is to support, serve us and heal any area of our life. Guardian Angels are with us constantly, and watching over all ways.  But you can call upon the Archangels at any time when you really need that extra help, extra power to take action on an important venture, need extra strength or courage, guidance or healing.

Remember that you have the choice and free will and the Angels will not interfere without your permission. Unless there is a life threatening situation, they will then assist immediately. What a privilege to know and how blessed we are, to have the Archangels’ love and support, with just a thought, a prayer, or few words.. as you can say, Archangels help me now!


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