Art, Clare Pelkey, csj

Linda is a wonderful angel reader.  I could feel the angels in the room as she communicated with them.  She was right on target as the angels told her exactly what I was working towards and the best way to get there. Linda is truly gifted and her connection to the angels is real and powerful.  It is a gift and a privilege to get a reading from Linda and the angels.  Wendy C. Williams, MS, EFT-Adv. Spiritual Counselor & Life Coach

I really enjoyed and will attend again. Linda is an amazingly gifted group leader. Thank you for this wonderful first time experience.   Karla, Member of the Angels MeetUp

My experience of Linda is that she is a warm and welcoming person who is generous with her talents.  Mark, Member of the Angels MeetUp

“Thank You Linda for tonight’s radio show. You have a gentle spirit, and I felt honored to be on Angels Are Near Us.   I know you are helping many people heal through your work with the Angels”.  Rev. Sam Oliver, Author of  Angel of Promise

My reading with Linda was very accurate and to the point, I was not left with any questions and did not need anything clarified as I sometimes do. The reading gave me tools for dealing with my current issues as well as clarifying another issue as well. I look forward to working with and learning from her in the future!  Christina ~ Portland, Oregon

“Thank you, Linda, for your hearfelt angel readings and the beautiful meditation. My sister and I truly enjoyed ourselves and felt angel blessings”.  Rhonda ~ Beaverton, Oregon

“Linda, it was a real relief as you (the Angels) delivered a “down-to-earth” message right where I live. One of my key objectives with you was to find out if I actually do hear from my angels, and if they do guide me. Without me giving hints, your reading was a literal recap of direction-answers I have been putting into my journal for months.  This gave me confidence and peace that I am hearing from them, and I am not alone. Thank you and my guiding spirits for this marvelous session”.  Michael Chudzik, Creative Development Coach ~ Portland, Oregon