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Spirituals Angelic Cards

Pick a Spiritual card every day to receive a loving message from your Angels of value, strength, beauty, expression, love, joy, compassion and more…   Deck of Spirituals $12.00

Guardian Angel Spray

You are never alone, the Angels are always near, feel comforted and peaceful by using the Guardian Angels Spray daily – contains pure essential oils

Ea. bottle 4 fl oz. $10.00

Angel Blessings

Feel protected with these small beautiful angel figurines (below) to carry in your pocket or for your Angel altar; 1/2 ” to 1 ” ~each have a different attribute: peace, protection, courage, love, etc…

Ea. $3.00


One of the most important healing modalities of pure essential oils is their ability to lift our physical frequencies to levels of health, well-being and joy!

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