What to Expect in an Angel Reading



What to look forward to from an Angel Reading..

The Angels usually provide information on all areas of life, relationships, finances, job, health, etc., but the main information that the Angels give is usually focused on important issues that you may be going through at that time.

  • I invite the Angels and Archangels to the session and ask them to remove my thoughts or ego from the reading, and for only Divine guidance to come through.
  • I always encourage clients to ask any question they would like, or just ask for angelic guidance.
  • I use the Archangels and Angels oracle cards; I normally use these as my “angel tools.”
  • At the end of the session, and per the Angels request I do a small meditation with my client.
  • I also use essential oils for Angel Blessings if directed by the Angels.
  • An audio file is provided at no charge.

Angel Readings are confidential. If you desire to communicate the information given in your reading, you are responsible for others response. After an Angel Reading I usually do not remember all the details of your reading;  God and the Angels make sure that personal information remains only yours.

The Angels guidance is always accurate, they are the experts, I am only the instrument who conveys the message;  there are occasions that you may not expect a message given, but in time you will understand that the messages are Divine Guidance and for your highest good.

If there’s an issue you would like to know, be sure to ask.

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