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Guidance and Healing

Experience the wonderful messages that the Angels and Archangels give us.    Angels are uplifting and divine beings and their work here is to love and protect us at all times.

Rest assured that your Angels are guiding you every minute of the way.

Through the Angel oracle cards, I serve as an instrument to deliver the inspiration, peace  and love that these celestial messengers desire for each one of us.  Communicating with an open heart, I listen to the Angels and help others find that inner power that brings joy and comfort into our lives.  Know that the heavenly beings are always near you.

“The only way to explain the Angels is that they are pure love, beauty and goodness and we are very blessed to have them near us.”



angel sessions

Through the Angels and Archangels oracle cards, Linda serves as an instrument  to deliver  inspiration, peace and love that these celestial messengers desire for each one of us.  She helps communicate with the Angels to go deep within your heart to find that inner power that brings joy and comfort into our lives. The Angels always have a special message for you, and they are awaiting to support and guide you!

Silver violet Flame attunement

Archangels are inspiring us to use the Silver Violet Flame to support a higher frequency and help us in these changing times. The Violet Flame is energy of grace, transmutation, and protection.

angel circles

In an Angel circle, a group of people get together in a room. Linda begins to receive Angel messages and passes on the information to each individual in the room. Everyone in attendance gets a mini Angel reading.


“One of my key objectives was to find out if I actually hear from my angels, and if they do guide me. Linda’s reading was a literal recap of direction-answers I have been putting into my journal for months.  This gave me confidence and peace that I am hearing from them, and I am not alone.”  

Michael Chudzik, Creative Development Coach


Angelic Practices

Crystals and Stones

Crystals and Angels have similar attributes.  Crystals or stones high frequencies amplify your healing power and assist you in feeling happy, in harmony, and peaceful.

Using stones and asking support from the Angels, can help with our physical, emotional, spiritual well-being - be it financial, our health, or our children, they can support you and your loved ones.

Crystals are a gift from Mother Earth, there is a loving energy that emanates from the crystals. Crystals are usually associated with ancient wisdom and heavenly grottos of mystery and magic. They bring memories of beautiful quartz points and crystal healings that were used in ancient Atlantis and in Lemuria.

Prayer is Powerful

Praying to God, to Divine Source, with the support of the Angelic realms for guidance and protection, and for inspiration and enlightenment, facilitates this process.

Angels are intermediaries between God and humanity; in praying you also raise your vibration where you feel comforted and peaceful.  Through prayers and the emotions of our heart, we create a sort of “magnetism” to pull in the flow of divine light. That means it is impossible for the Angels to ignore a sincere human request for assistance.


Practicing meditation is another wonderful way to call forth Angels through the desires and intention of our hearts. Through praying we ask God and the Angels for what we want, in Meditation we listen to the Angels guidance.

In the Angel readings I provide, I always pray and invite God and the Archangels and Angels so they will be present, and bless the person and all those involved in the session

At the conclusion of our session, we usually have a brief meditation that helps you feel in peace and harmony.

Essential Oils

The Angels inspire us to use sacred fragrances. Mother Earth is blessed with all kinds of plants for our use. When you take the very essence of the plants, as essential oils, flower essences, breathe them, or apply them on your body, you are accepting the gift of blessing from God present in your daily life. 

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and we need a loving hand to help us clear our thoughts and lift our spirit. Just like the angels, the use of essential oils reminds us that God gives us a loving and natural healing.  Flower essences also tune us back into knowing our natural state. They work with  electromagnetic energy that helps remove blockages as where we have convinced ourselves or have beliefs of not being worthy of living in joy and abundance.

“Thank you so much for my reading last night. I can hardly believe so many Archangels came through, and it was totally spot on.  Just what I needed to hear.  Even Galen was in total amazement how spot on it was, as he knows what I've been going through.  You are just amazing at reading and we appreciate you and your services!”