Chamuel, Archangel of Love


Archangel Chamuel is known as the loving Archangel, who brings peace and eases anxiety. Chamuel is the Archangel of the third ray, the pink ray of Divine Love.  Chamuel is considered one of the’ Powers’ in the Angelic Realm.

During this month of love, it is always beneficial to call upon the Archangel of love.  Archangel Chamuel name means “He who sees God”. He is often described as pure love in a winged form. He encourages open mindedness and reminds us that we must love ourselves first if we have any hope of being able to love others. Chamuel will help you releases judgmental attitudes, even if you are unaware of them. He will help you use your shortcomings as an opportunity to connect with your spirit, rather than carry them as a burden.  He is an Archangel of comfort and love.  He is one of the two angels who comforted Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.

When you call upon him you may see a ray of pink light, he will help you develop compassion, improve your ability to communicate, balance your life and understand the value of service toward others.

When feeling lost or overwhelmed call on Chamuel. Helps heal family dysfunctions and overcome grief.  He assists with love, relationships, creativity and spirituality. Helps with finding relationships that resonate lovingly with your soul.

Helps find lost objects or anyone you are looking for.  He will assist you in building a strong career, and can also help finding your life’s purpose.  When Chamuel is around, you will feel a warm, tingling sensation in your body. He will help you open your heart and forgive others as after a bitter divorce or the tragic death of a loved one.

I have personally experienced Chamuel’s love and direction, physically, emotionally and spiritually and has been life changing!


Imagine yourself bathed in a bright pink light –

I call upon Archangel Chamuel.  I allow your divine grace and light to guide my thoughts and feelings.  I know Archangel of love, that your pink energy flows through me and enfolds me with hope and trust. I am thankful that you open my heart and fulfill my heart’s desire with true love and peace. Amen

I trust Chamuel’s power.

Write your hopes, dreams and desires on piece of paper, light a pink candle and know your request will be lovingly granted by Chamuel.  Now affirm,  I am grateful for love and peace in my life.

Angel Blessings,