St. Michael, the Archangel


Archangel Michael is a very special Archangel and many of us love him profoundly. Saint Michael the Archangel, is celebrated on September 29th.  In England the entire Autumn season is known as Michaelmas, and in the Middle Ages it was the occasion of harvest fairs and Autumn’s feast.

In Mexico, in the magical and mystical city of San Miguel de Allende, everyone celebrates Saint Michael an entire week at the end of September.  The celebration is the Fiesta de San Miguel, Arcángel, as the patron Saint.  The festivities include private parties, cultural events, indigenous dance and the final day is a parade in honor of Michael.

Michael and the Angels are making sure to aid and protect us in accord and harmony for well-being, and surrounding each of us with shields of light.  Just allow to open your heart so you are enveloped and safeguarded. Take a deep breath and accept the divine light to open your heart, soul and spirit.   You then can be assured that this light of love is flowing through your heart  and outward toward others. 

As we celebrate the Prince of Light and the heavenly warrior Archangel, let us take this time to honor and appreciate Michael and his legions of Angels of light, that throughout thousands and thousands of years Michael and his band of Angels has been dedicated to our security, and to support each one of us in the perfection of our soul.  

This is a time of alignment and balance of light for all humanity and the planet, and Archangel and Angels rays of light are working towards yours and everyone’s most highest good.  Life is unfolding in wondrous ways! 

So delicate and so present is God’s love, and makes it known to all of us in a personal way through his Angels and Archangels.  Michael’s name means “He who is like God”.  Archangel Michael is the Angel of the presence of God; the presence of God is in Michael and that is why Michael works fervently to serve and support our needs, thus serve the will of God.

We thank God for the love and grace that God gives us during this season of transformation through the Archangel Michael’s protection, courage, infinite love and compassion.