Our Lady and my Miracle Story

Virgen de guadalupe 22.jpg

While living in Mexico City, my only son at the time would ask me why he did not have a brother like most of his friends at school. Iñaki was 6 years old, and I had not been able to conceive another child; doctors were not sure if we might ever have children again, but I kept the faith and continued with medical tests. I told my son that we would keep asking God and praying to send him a brother or sister, but we would have to be patient. He looked at me and said, – oh no Mommy, if it’s a sister you send her back, I want a brother!

On December 6 a group of friends and I visited the Villa or Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe (Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe) as December 12 is the feast day.  Our Lady is also known as Santa Maria de Guadalupe (Saint Mary of Guadalupe).  I prayed to Our Lady to send us a miracle, another child and not only because I desired another baby, but mostly my son needed a sibling.  After our visit, we walked outside and vendors were selling flowers and many artisan crafts. I bought roses which inspired me with the visit to the Villa of Guadalupe. I came home and placed the roses near a picture I had of Mary, and went on with daily life.

A month later, I was scheduled for another medical test, a biopsy, and apparently this resulted in not feeling well for several days after the procedure. When I spoke to the doctor he was concerned and urged me to keep rest; and he suspected I might be pregnant!  But because of the biopsy test, I was at risk of losing the baby. I was so happy with the news but concerned as well, and did not tell my son until I was sure the baby would be safe. I prayed fervently to Our Lady and asked her to bring this baby to us with ease and grace, and to show us that having this baby be proof of her miracle. So finally, after 21 days I was healed and out of harm's way.

Months later we had a baby boy, a beautiful second son, ‘Jordi’ - and his brother was very happy!  My joy and gratefulness was immense, and thanked God and Mother Mary for the blessing and gift of a healthy baby boy. After Jordi was born we all returned and visited the Basilica to give thanks. I am so fortunate to have two beautiful adult sons.

I do know for sure that Our Lady, Mother Mary, always with her loving care looks after all of the children.